Gerald (Jerry) L. Barber – CTEC2018

Gerald (Jerry) L. Barber

Gerald (Jerry) L. Barber

Gerald (Jerry) L. Barber

Inventor and Chairman of the Board, BarberWind Turbines

Gerald (Jerry) L. Barber is an alumnus of The Ohio State University with an undergraduate degree in physics, chemistry and comprehensive sciences. Mr. Barber began his professional career in Ohio teaching physics, chemistry, and biology at the high school level. At age 25 he became the youngest high school principal in the state of Ohio.

Mr. Barber left the academic world to start, own, and operate the second largest amusement ride manufacturing company in the United States for eighteen years. During this time Mr. Barber invented over thirty-eight U.S. patents, twenty-two of which were produced commercially. In addition to amusement rides his patents cover a variety of fields from military to child safety. His most widely known patent the “Free Fall” amusement ride can be found in almost every amusement park and large carnival worldwide. Each park can theme their ride such as Disney’s Tower of Terror, Cedar Point’s Demon Drop, etc.

Mr. Barber co-invented with his son Todd, the “Reefball”, by far the most popular designer coral reef in the world His son Todd founded the Reefball Foundation where Mr. Barber serves as a charter board member. The foundation was selected as a laureate for The Tech Awards. San Jose’s Tech Museum Tech Awards are sponsored by The World Bank, the U.N., Microsoft and Intel and are received annually by twenty-five companies globally. The award is presented to the very best of the best that have created “technology benefiting humanity.” The Reefball Foundation was also the 2012 recipient of the Environmental Protection Classy Award, the largest philanthropic award in the U.S.

Additionally, Mr. Barber started, owned, and operated a company specializing in financing equipment for amusement parks and carnivals. This company was operational for twenty-nine years in Greenville, South Carolina. For the last ten years in business, it was the largest finance company of its kind in the United States and Canada. Mr. Barber started, owned and operated a company to provide ride design and ride parts for the industry. Also, when the internet was just getting started Mr. Barber started a website, that since its inception, has been the largest site globally for selling and purchasing used amusement equipment.

Since 2009 Mr. Barber’s new concept for a wind turbine design has thirteen U.S. patents issued, eleven U.S. patents pending, six international patents issued, and seventeen international patents pending.
In 2010 Mr. Barber was awarded the InnoVision Dr. Charles Townes Individual Achievement Award honoring his lifetime achievement in innovation, science and technology.

To date, Jerry Barber has over 60 U.S. patents.

Mr. Barber is very active in the community, being directly involved with various philanthropic organizations. Along with his wife Tammy and friend Heidi Aiken he cofounded The Beach Ball Foundation, a 501(c) (3) charitable organization dedicated to changing the lives of children through education and the arts. In its first ten years, the Beach Ball Foundation raised over $3.5M to help children in need in Greenville County, South Carolina.
In 2015 Mr. Barber received the Roper Mountain Science Center Individual Spirit of Einstein Award, their highest annual award.
In 2015 Mr. Barber was inducted into the Outdoor Amusement Business Association Hall of Fame for industry innovations and contributions to the growth of the outdoor mobile amusement industry.


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Gerald (Jerry) L. Barber

Inventor and Chairman of the Board, BarberWind Turbines

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