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Dr Devon Gardner

Dr Devon Gardner

Dr Devon Gardner

Programme Manager for Energy and Head of the Energy Unit at the Caribbean Community Secretariat

Devon Gardner has been the Programme Manager for Energy and Head of the Energy Unit at the Caribbean Community Secretariat, since September 2014.

In this role, Devon has oversight of the Energy Programme, which is tasked with the identification of common policies and strategies for transforming the energy sector within the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). This transformation requires a shift in a majority of the energy systems within the region from their current states of inefficiency and over‑dependence on imported fossil sources, which exposes them to the uncertainties and volatilities of mostly expensive global oil prices, to a state of greater efficiency and high penetration of indigenous renewable sources. In particular, the Energy Programme promotes a transition to energy systems that favour sustainable and clean energy production, as well as efficient delivery and use, which simultaneously provides legal certainty for investors and improved predictability in price and supply for users.

During his tenure at the CARICOM Secretariat, Devon has driven the establishment of, inter alia:

  • The C‑SERMS Platform, which is designed to function as a vehicle for coordination, integrated planning and knowledge exchange to support the identification of actions and investments that are necessary for meeting the strategic objectives and targets for sustainable energy within the region;
  • The Caribbean Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, which has been designed to address the implementation deficit in the CARICOM sustainable energy sector and to support and coordinate the execution of regional Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency projects and activities;
  • The Regional Energy Efficiency Strategy, which is expected to scale up focus on Energy Efficiency, which continues to be the most cost‑effective way of transforming the regional energy systems; and
  • The Integrated Utility Services Model, which is intended to promote and support the transition from the traditional utility approach within the Region toward an “integrated utility services” approach in which electric utilities expand their business to provide various non‑traditional services, to include EPC/ESCO offerings such as distributed renewable power generation and storage and energy efficiency applications, “behind the meter”.

Previously, Devon was a Technical Adviser within the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC) and held multiple positions in academia, ranging from Senior Research Fellow to Professor in various universities within the Caribbean and Europe.

Devon has published over fifty (50) peer‑reviewed articles, as well as numerous reports and studies, and received his Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in Chemical Physics with specialization in numerical analysis, from the University of the West Indies (Mona Campus) in 2001.


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Dr Devon Gardner

Programme Manager for Energy and Head of the Energy Unit at the Caribbean Community Secretariat

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